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Meeting Notes from Monday, October 24th

Hello everyone!

Last monday we had a meeting going over some future events and things we need to do to complete some personal goals. (merit badges)

I have listed the main points of last weeks meeting in a bullet point list below.

  • Meetings will be on Monday evenings at 7 starting the week after Halloween.

  • Next week's meeting (Halloween Meeting) will not be on Monday and will instead be on Tuesday at 7 pm.

  • We need to go out and push the craft fair in our FULL CLASS A UNIFORMS some time soon so we can get people to donate or some to our craft fair.

  • There will be a craft fair on November 20th as a fundraiser for the SeaBase Trip at the end of the year. Everyone needs to be there for this to support the troop.

  • Everyone needs to fill out and sign the SeaBase consent form aswell as the medical forms A,B, and C.

  • We need to find some day very soon where it is in the 60s if we want to do the Top Golf outing.

  • December 2, 3, 4th will be the thanksgiving campout.

  • Possible trip to the new pump track in the metroparks on bikes.

  • Discussed everyone's personal merit badge status and what needs to get done for everyone individually.

Thank you to everyone who showed up for the meeting and thank you Vinny for writing down the original copy of the notes. I hope to see everyone on Tuesday, November 1st for our next meeting.

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